Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)                                                                                                        

Essential Shop Requirements:

  • Safety Glasses (Minimum Z87+ impact rating)
  • Hearing Protection - Over-Ear or In-Ear Allowed (Minimum 23 dB rating)
  • Respiratory Protection - Respirator or Disposable Dust/Nuisance Mask (Minimum N95/P95 Efficiencies)
    • Different operations and materials require various levels and types of protection.  

PPE Requirements vary for the different shops and rooms. Please note the PPE Requirement signs on the doors to each space and utilize the SDS Binders regarding the specific materials you are working with.
SDS (Safety Data Sheets) can be found in the breezeway of the Wood Shop (Room 218) and outside the doors to the Metal Shop (Room 213).

Headphones & Earbuds are not permitted in the shops. They inhibit communication which is paramount in a shared shop environment. They also do not provide adequate dB hearing protection from the noise of the tools and whole shop dust collector.

Appropriate Attire                                                                                                                                          

You are required to wear appropriate attire in order to work in the Fabrication Studios. 

  • NO loose flowing garments of ANY KIND; NO scarves, neckties, skirts, dresses, or kilts
  • Long pants preferred; shorts permitted
  • Closed Toed Shoes REQUIRED; NO open-toed shoes, sandals, heels, wedges, platforms, or flip-flops
  • No Dangling Jewelry or Similar Articles - Lanyards, Necklaces, Hoodie Strings, etc.
  • No Hand or Wrist Jewelry - No Rings, No Bracelets, No Watches  EXCEPTION: COVID BRACELETS
  • All long hair must be tied up and back - Hair ties are available in the office

Metal Shop - Additional Requirements

  • Must have Long Pants - No Cuffs, Holes, Frayed Edges
  • No Synthetic Materials - No Nylon, Rayon, Spandex, etc.